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A Foreign National Loan Experts Mortgage Programs Specially Designed For Foreign Nationals.

Residential and Commercial Mortgages for Foreigners

Types of programs

  • Fixed loans for 30, 20, and 15 years
  • Adjustable mortgages in rate for 1, 3, 5, and 7 years type of property

Types of Payments

Customers can choose between two different payments:

  • Principal plus interest
  • Interest-only

Payment Features

  • NO penalties for prepayment
  • Customers can pay the entire loan or make additional payments without any penalty


  • Clients can choose to close the loan under the figure of Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company or Personal Title.

Types of Properties

Condominiums • Single-family • Multi-family • Townhouses • Condo-hotels • Offices/Warehouses • Luxury condominiums

Full-Time - Support

Our experts can help you create a solution tailored to you and your company. Please leave us your details and we will contact you.


Required Documents for Loan Approval


Documents Required for Pre-Approval:

  • Completed Foreign National Loan Application
  • Copy of Identification, Passport, and/or Driver’s License
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae (if applicable)
  • Proof of Address
    • Any cable, electric, or water bill under your name that shows the current address where you are living
  • If Self-employed or Owner of the Company:
    • Last Two (2) Years of Personal Tax Returns
    • Year-to-date personal financial statement prepared by your accountant
    • Last (2) Years of Business Tax Returns
    • Year-to-date business financial statement prepared by your accountant (Profit & Loss)
  • If Employed:
    • Last Two (w) Years of Personal Tax Returns
    • Last Two (2) Pay Stubs
    • Name, Telephone, and Email of the person who will give information from your current job. This individual must complete a verification of employment.
    • Copy of the Last Three (3) Months of Bank Statements for all accounts both inside your country and outside (if applicable) wherever assets can be sourced.
  • Forms can be downloaded here.  


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