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A business's working capital is an essential measure of its efficiency in the day-to-day operations of an organization or an entity. While it is a useful metric for assessing the health of a business. 
It represents the cash it needs to carry out its daily activities. The difference between the company's current assets and liabilities is its working capital.  A positive working capital indicates a business' ability to meet short-term obligations and maintain its competitive advantage. Conversely, an insufficient working capital means that the company cannot meet its short-term obligations, and operations may suffer. Thus, it is critical to manage working capital to ensure that it remains adequate.
Working Capital can be the lifeblood of a company’s growth. It’s simple. Take your current assets minus your current liabilities, and the difference should equal your working capital. 

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Companies that have a negative working capital may have a hard time growing. However, companies with a positive working capital generally are able to grow and expand. You may say, my working capital number is positive, but how do I turn that into cash to grow my business? The team of AlignChance Financial Consultants can annualize your bottom line to find ways to take advantage of your positive working capital.

At AlignChanceFinancial, LLC. we value our business relationship with our clients. We believe each business has unique financing needs.  We are eager to fund business owners that are motivated and talented individuals who want to serve their community. 

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